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Если Вам угрожает опасность, пожалуйста,

озвоните в экстренные службы Великобритании по номеру 999.

Если вас эксплуатируют или вы беспокоитесь о ком-то еще, позвоните в справочную службу по проблемам современного рабства и эксплуатации по телефону 08000 121 700.

You have the right to free healthcare in the UK

Physical and Mental Health support and your access to healthcare in the UK

Medical treatment for Ukrainian refugees in the UK is free including GP and nurse consultations, hospital services, and urgent care centres.

If you need non-emergency healthcare please call 111 which is a free NHS healthcare line.

Here are some useful links:


Coronavirus (COVID) Vaccines:

The majority of people in the UK have received at least one of their coronavirus vaccine and it is likely that all adults in your hosts household will have received theirs. For the latest guidance on what to do if you have or suspect you have the virus, please visit the UK Government’s COVID-19 advice webpage here.

Booking a coronavirus vaccination

You are eligible for a free COVID-19 vaccination through the NHS. If you are registered with a GP, you can book your vaccination through this web link if you are in England ‘

‘Walk in’ sites are also available and able to offer help to those who have not yet registered with a GP. A list of locations can be found here.  If you are in Scotland, click here.

If you have already had a Covid-19 vaccine in Ukraine or elsewhere, speak to your GP about which further doses you should have in the UK and when you should have them.

You should also tell the NHS about any Covid-19 vaccinations that you have had outside of the UK. This is so the NHS can update your vaccination record. Bookings to make an appointment to get your previous vaccinations recorded can be made online using the National Booking Service or by calling 119. 119 will also have translators available.

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